Hott Spot
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The Hott Spot

614 Washington Ave in Bridgeville, PA

Power Yoga

We offer Power Vinyasa Flow classes 7 days a week. Our students love the heat and a stronger flow, so that’s what we stick with!


If our rent was free, our yoga would be free! The next best thing is offering affordable rates. Make a commitment to us, and we offer you some amazing loyalty packages! 

Family Feel

The message we give at The Hott Spot is that you are our family! Not just a yogi, or our client. Your are our family and friends. We love everyone who graces us with our presence!


Reiki is a natural healing art that supports and uplifts the body’s mental, physical and emotional energy. We offer private, or couple sessions in the studio. Other options can also be arranged outside of the studio.

Studio Hire + Privates

Are you looking for an event space? We have rented the space out for parties, classes, workshops, photography and more! We also offer private and group yoga sessions. All equipment and props included.


Heat, power flow, minimal lights…this is what you can expect at our space. Our students love the darker elements to connect to themselves, and feel less pressure!

We are a warm and loving 30-mat studio specializing in Hott (95 degrees) Power Vinyasa flow! 

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Restorative + Reiki

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Arm Balancing 101

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Niki Erdner

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Lori Martucci

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Lauren Hanlon

Lauren Hanlon

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