Childrens Yoga South Hills Location 10:15am

Childrens Yoga Class Every Saturday South Hill Location 10:15 to 11:00

Children’s Yoga will offer not just the instruction of basic yoga poses for the children, but also bring a practice of breathing for relaxation, create a sense of confidence and awareness from within.  Children live in a “hurry-up” world school, exams, videos games, competitive sports, and busy parents.  We usually don’t think of as stressful for them but it can be. This class will not only offer children a practice in balance and mobility, but work at giving them new tools to rely on, to help them settle their minds and bodies during tough situations.  What children practice becomes habit and the more relaxation and breathing are practiced it is easier to turn to when anxieties arise’
****Childrens Classes are non heated and  45 min long. Classes will be held every Saturday at 10:15! Pricing is same as Student Pricing!! Watch your children shine as they learn and grow with us!

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