Gong Bath Sound Journey

Share a special sonic journey into a deep meditative and healing relaxation of mind and body with the powerful vibrations of Thai temple gongs, singing bowls, voice, and melodic instruments. 

Move into the expansiveness of self and awaken deeper levels of awareness in this restorative and nurturing experience. 

This sound bath/sound meditation experience is an accessible and valuable experience for both yogis and mediators with established practices, as well as the novice looking to establish or deepen their practice.

Led by Patrick Keddie, a lifelong musician who works in a more focused and intentional way with both sound healing and group sound bath offerings.  “It is truly a joy sharing what I have learned from those I have studied with both here at home, and in Indonesia and Thailand.”

$20 Per Person. Wear comfy clothes. and bring pillows/blankets. Reserve your space here

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