Hott Spot Heroes

Sometimes people come into our lives that touch us so deeply that they change us, Sometimes we meet people with stories and experiences and lives, that encourage us to keep going.   Sometimes we come across the most amazing spirit and determination that we cant help but say YES!! I want to do that, I need that, I want to be that!!

We call them Our Heros! Please know that these amazing people are not just Hero’s for the month. They are Hero’s each and every day.. We are blessed to call them our friends and family.  You all mean the world to us and you are all very dear to us all at The Hott Spot! Thank You for your passion, loyalty,presence and energy !!

  We are  honored and privileged  to introduce to you Our Hott Spot Hero’s Past and Present!!
Much Love, Namaste, &Blessings

Hero June 2017
Hero Nov 2014
Hero Dec 2014
Hero Jan. 2015
Hero Feb. 2015
Hero March/April 2015
Hero June 2015
Hero Sept 2015
Hero Oct. 2016
Hero Nov. 2016
Hero Dec 2016
Hero May 2017

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