Steve Weil Hott Spot Hero June 2015

steveHott Spot Hero
June 2015
Steve first came to the Hott Spot in January of 2013. On the advice of his doctors because of lower back pain. Steve has endured lower back pain for 15 years.  He has logged 72 visits and 90 Hours with a consistent once a week yoga session. With 3 Herniated and bulging disks In his lower lumbar,Steve says that hot yoga releaves his pain, helps him to be in a better mood and is more relaxed! Steve also golfs as much as he can, spins and cross trains.. I found out he gets his determination from his mom, 85 years young and visits Curve 3 to 4 times a week!!! What makes Steve our Hott Spot hero is that he never gives up no matter how he is feeling he shows up and knows that he will always leave feeling better. Steve also gets regular massages from Joe Nezovich our Licensed Masseuse.  He is always so supportive of all we are doing at The Hott Spot and I want to personally thank him and let him know how very dear he is not just to me but to all of us!! Wishing you Health and Prosperity and Peace Always!! We Love You. 


Hero June 2015

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