Alice Kenawell Hott Spot Hero Feb 2015

Hott Spot Hero Feb. 2015alice-k

Alice Kenawell

As an instructor I have the awesome privilege of watching some one brand new to yoga come to the studio  and learn and grow and fall in love with this beautiful art.. Sometimes it takes multiple times coming back not giving up to  get acclimated and find your peace.  Then there are some who as soon as their first Hot Yoga Practice ends they know they have found something they will do for the rest of their lives…. A Lot!!!:) Join with me in honoring Alice Kenawell as the Hott Spot Hero for the Month of February, Allie, 17 a senior at South Fayette High School walked in or might I say was “forced” to take a yoga class in November by her sister and her cousin!!  I am so proud when our young people start their practice so early in life!!  I wish I would have as a teen!!  Guess What.. Allie was hooked… she loved it, she even came back the next day with out her sister and cousin!! 🙂  I got to talking to her as I always like to know if our yogi’s are healing any part of their bodies and Allie confided that she has a mild form of Scoliosis…I can only imagine the  struggles and concerns that a young woman faced with a challenge physical mentally and emotionally but to see her practice and see her determination to try new things to find her edge and also honor her body and limitations.. it makes my heart swell..I asked her what differences she has noticed since starting her consistent practice in November.  She has told me that it has helped with pain but also practicing body, mind and spirit has helped her to not be so self conscience!!   Allie plays in the marching band at school and she is introducing a lot of her friends to give Hott Yoga a try too!!  Allie I think you are absolutely  amazing and I love you so much !!   Thank you for inspiring me, thank you for inspiring all of us.  Thank you for never giving up!! I know I speak for The Hott Spot Team and Family You are our Hero.. We all love you so!! Wishing you  peace and health and prosperity always!

Lori and The Hott Spot Team


Hero Feb. 2015

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