Anna Silberman Hott Spot Hero March/April 2015


Hott Spot Hero 

March /April 2015

Anna Silberman

Not everyone has a physical situation they are working thru.. Some of us have pains and aches and hurts so deep that others can not see.. Some of us have rejection and grief and loss, resentment and anger that can keep us from being who we really are, mentally emotionally and physically

Anna works for Highmark and is the Vice President of Clinical Client Relation. She works with the company for health management to promote healthy futures and to prevent health problems and disease. Sounds like Yoga is right up her ally!!

About 4 years ago Anna and her husband Mark were faced with  heart wrenching news..Mark had been diagnosed with cancer. Mark underwent treatment and she watched and cared for her husband as he  fought for 3 years.  Mark lost his battle almost a year ago… Anna a mother of 2 beautiful children and a wife of  35 years was suddenly shifted into living a life she was not used to.. Understandably she was having a hard time finding her normal again.  Then in May Anna decided to do something for herself.  Her friends whom she calls her heros when it comes to wellness, Colby Diziki and Wendy Vida, talked her into doing hot yoga! !  She loved it! Anna hardly misses a Sunday.  With each passing Sunday she gets renewed strength to move forward with her life.. With Sundays being a difficult day of being alone without her husband..Now, Sundays are her favorite day.  She not only comes but she brings all of her friends because she wants to share the benefits of this amazing practice with everyone. Since Anna has been practicing at the Hott Spot she told me that it  has helped her to be more comfortable in her new role and more comfortable about being alone. When she practices and breaths she is sending light and love and healing to others.. Practicing Yoga has opened Anna’s heart again  to love and be loved!!. Anna, I know I speak for The Hott Spot Team and Family You are our Hero.. We all love you so!! Wishing you  peace and health and prosperity and love.

Anna has also picked the Charity Of The Month that we will be honoring all month with our Pay What you Can based  Classes and donations all month.

Alexis Joy Foundation for the prevention of suicide among new moms who have depression.  Alexis Joy Foundation 


Hero March/April 2015

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