Deidre Desantis

One beautiful summer day, a young caterpillar of a girl, by the name of Deidre, opens the door to the magical world of YOGA. “WOW,” she declares – moving gracefully through emotions of joy, enthusiasm, and gratitude, while the experience fills her very existence. Deidre finally begins to realize she is opening herself up to a sustainable knowledge of re(member)ing the liveliness of who she always is, through the process of practicing yoga. The journey was transforming the girl’s life, in the most influential ways possible- yet most importantly – she was breathing through the poses of her life !!! Taking the craft from home sessions with family-friends, to the studio, she begins studying with many respected teachers around the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania area- and then eventually decides that taking a teacher training program is falling into its natural state. Studying with Mary Comfort of YogaFit, Deidre finally receives the training she needs to achieve another staple of the enlightening dream – she becomes a yoga teacher. Deidre is extremely passionate about the art of yoga, and finds day to day, her ultimate purpose is to explore the yogic path of enlightenment. Acknowledging the guide of what yoga has to offer allows Deidre to gift herself with love abound, acceptance, honor, and respect. Eventually, this forever student and teacher blooms into more freedom as a butterfly, and she lets her wings streeeeeeetch into the infinite universe!. :p
When it comes to teaching, Deidre enjoys providing a fun, energetic approach to the class, allowing the students to modify their shapely postures as much as  one desires. As long as her fellow yogi’s keep breathing and stay safe with comfortable, proper alignment, and maintaining a personal growing process at heart, the practice will always teach in a most grounding sensation- that the sky is the limit! YOGA IS SACRED GEOMETRY, creating itself through the human body, mind, and initiates through the spirit. Always remember – that expression originates from movements or lack thereof – and an evolution is constantly creating in this world. Deidre hopes every student will find the same serenity and peace, that has blessed her life for the past five years, by being in the presence of yoga, and will always encourage students to lighten up the spark of the ubiquitous creative calm in nature.

May diligence remain upon the yogic path<3


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