Hero May 2017

Meet our Hott Spot Hero For May 
Jeffery Hayes
Jeff walked into the studio a “Mountain of a Man” and just stole our heart! Each time he came I could see his practice grow as he never gave up I could see his passion and determination and his light shine.  He is a gentle giant and his practice resonates peace and truth!  I am sure you will agree as I am honored to present his story and his beautiful family with you.
Personal profile:  Age 59, Married 29 years to Marylee McCarthy Hayes, 4 grown offspring, Whitney daughter (Singer and Actress trying to make it to Broadway) 29, Taylor (US Army )26, Jordan (USMC) 23 and Spencer (USMC) 21, Three Grandkids, Kolton (age 4&1/2 born ten years to the day my father passed away) Ella age 3, Halle age 2 with one more on the way. And last but not least my German Shepard Tazor.


What brought me to Yoga? Well, I was in a deep and dark funk many reasons beyond my control ten tens ago.  I was clinically depressed and was in treatment for recovery.  I had lost my self in pity and self hate.  “I was drowning in my sorrows, until my sorrows learned how to swim” ( Lyrcis for a U2 song).  My therapist suggested alternate methods to battle my blues.  I was fortunate to have the support of family and friends to help me thru these difficult times in my life.  Yoga allows me to push the reset button in  brain and reboot away from the negative energy.  It allows me to unite my mind, body and spirit as a reminder that we need to take inventory of our lives, Just as the Father, Son and Holy Spirit brings me peace to my faith.


I have always been active in sports, but now since I’m pushing 60 I have of aches and pains in my body due from sports injuries.  At one point about 4 years ago I was almost 290 lbs. Yoga allowed to to ease back into a more active lifestyle that I was accustomed to living.  Now, I try to do yoga at least twice a week, also ride my mountain bike and walk my dog.  Today, I can proudly say I now weigh 245lbs and looking to lose more.


“I am not a role model” This quote is a line from Charles Barkely, NBA HoF player for  Nike shoe ad back in the 80’s.  That’s the way I felt when Lori asked me to share my yoga journey with the Hott Spot studio.  I don’t think of myself as a hero to others and I don’t seek the limelight of accolades for doing good deeds.  I just like to think that I go about my business and lead by example.  Huh,  I guess that does make me a hero to those who are looking for inspiration.  


Anyway,  I have been practicing yoga for about 5 years total. I  been with Lori and staff for about a year and 4 months.  What I have noticed about HSY is the warm friendly, open and welcoming environment to all those who enter the door.  Kind of like “Cheers” where everybody knows your name. I have meet so many new people and old friends But my new BFF from the studio is Lori’s son Adam. I saw them once at Get GO and I hear Hey! “Big Man” I think Lori was embarrassed but I just laughed and smiled when I saw him.  How can any one not like this kid.  


Sincerely Jeff

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