Hott Spot Hero Oct. 2016

Hott Spot Hero Oct. 2016 Ted Katz

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Join me in celebrating one of the most charming men I am blessed to know.   It is an honor and brings me great joy to introduce to you our Hott Spot Hero Of The Month for October 2016 Ted Katz!!

Ted is the father of a beautiful daughter and 2 grandsons!  He is retired from his practice of being an optometrist of 53 years in Carnegie!

    Ted started practicing at The Hott Spot in Oct of 2013… Not by choice:).. A friend of his Jacquie Imro kept on him until he gave in!  It took a few months but we are so grateful and happy he did!~ Since then Ted has logged over 100 Hours of Hot Power Vinyasa Flow!  He comes once or twice a week faithfully but Yoga is not his only form of activity!  He loves to be in the great outdoors.  He likes to walk and hike but this guy was born to ride! A cycle enthusiast, Ted has participated in 25 BP MS 150s. A 150 mile bike course to raise money and bring awareness to Multiple Sclerosis .  Ted has participated and cycled in many U.S.  states and around 10 beautiful and different countries! He has raised over $12,000 for this cause! 
     I had asked Ted Last year if he would honor us by being our Hero… Ted declined as he wasn’t feeling so well, and he wanted to be 100% for us.  He went thru a tough time of about 6 month and is back stronger than ever.. Though his illness he was also diagnosed with Spinal Stenosis.  Ted knows his bodies limitations but never quits, never stops! 
      As an instructor I sometimes stand back and watch in awe of him. Watching him execute headstand and arm balancing in crow.. He is absolutely amazing! His practice is energetic, and vibrant and makes me say Yes, I want to be that when I grow up!
That saying is what most people say when they get to know him:)
      I asked him if he wanted to say anything, and he said” I feel blessed to be able to still do the things I love!”  Oh did I mention Ted is 79 years and 11 months young and he is living his advice of Never give up and Always keep on moving!
     I asked Jacqui, Teds friend for her thoughts. She said, “Ted is an inspiration to all who meet him, whether he is passing you on his bike or attempting his first headstand in yoga while the whole class watches.  He is always there to help out no matter what it is, a good conversationalist and a great listener and sees only the good in people.  I am proud to call him my friend”  Jacqui we feel the same and we are proud to call him our Hero too, not just this month but everyday.  Happy Birthday Ted! I have a feeling you’re just getting started.
Much Love, Blessings Always and Namaste!
Lori and The Hott Spot Team & Family
     Each Hero gets to pick the Charity Of The Month.. This month Ted picked Western Pennsylvania Humane Society
     You can donate all month and I will be holding a special 2 hr class On Sunday, Oct 9th.1:45pm to 3:45pm. Yoga-A- Lil-Longer donation based. All proceeds will go to WPHS

Hero Oct. 2016

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