Joanie Lewis Hott Spot Hero Jan. 2015

Hott Spot Hero

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Joanie Lewis

I asked Joanie to share her story as she is humble and contrite of heart and we both agree that her story would inspire and  help others! Joanie is a wife and mother of 2 beautiful children.  Joanie is an inspiration to us all here at the Hott Spot and  I have to tell you she gets more done before 9:30 am yoga class starts than most of us get done all day!! 🙂  Joanies story starts with breast cancer.. in 2012 she had surgery and doctors told her that she would not have full range in her arm again… Well if you know Joanie then you know that diagnosis was not acceptable!!! When her doctor gave her the clear to start exercising again the Hott Spot had just opened up… She knew this was something that she had to do… Everyday…not kidding 5-dys a week!! When she started there were struggles that you can imagine but she never stopped.. she honored her body, but at the same time kept finding her edge.. She quickly found out that she was not only working her body but she found that the meditation part help to teach her to destress and really learn to relax!  Today Joanie is truly amazing we cant work her  out hard enough and yes has mastered crow!!:).. Relax yes she can and she does in Shavasana!!! Joanie started yoga with the Hott Spot in Aug of 2012.. She has logged a whopping 606 hours of yoga since then! Yep she’s a Pro:)!!  She is kind and thoughtful and always willing to help.  Joanie thank you for inspiring me, thank you for inspiring all of us.  Thank you for never giving up!! I know I speak for The Hott Spot Team and Family You are our Hero.. We all love you so!! Wishing you  peace and health and prosperity always!

Lori and The Hott Spot Team

Hero Jan 2015

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