John Bowyer

It gives me great pleasure to finally introduce someone who has been one of my hero’s from the first day I met him.  John was at one of my very first classes I ever taught going on 5 years ago!  John showed up at 9am on that Saturday morning  and almost every Saturday since .. He would say to me I can’t do all of what you and others do.. I reassured John that we need to let go of judgment of mostly ourselves and that it is not about keeping up with others,but rather listening to and honoring your own body and being gentle with yourself.  I have watched John grow in strength, endurance, flexibility and knowledge and he is very dear to me. I hold each class, conversation and hug in my heart!  I am sure he does more that he ever thought he would in a yoga practice and to practice in the warmth and in a heated room at 76 ?  Did I mention he is 76yrs young?…..He is amazing!!..
A little about John…Transferred to Pittsburgh in 1983 for work with his lovely wife and 3 beautiful children. John was always a fairly active man, but as he came into his 70s he  began to look for different excercise classes like Pilates and Yoga. John finally settled on Yoga at the South Hills Karate Academy. After 2 years I came on board as the instructor, teaching differnt types of yoga, John  has always practiced with an open mind and open heart for new and difffent classes. We now have gravitated to Hot Yoga and he finds it a refreshing change from traditional Yoga and would recommend it to anyone interested.” Hot Yoga is a very warm (no pun intended) and comforting time.”
I asked John what has Yoga done for him? His Repy” Having done Yoga now for 4 + years it is an important part of my weekly routine, at age 76 I feel that while I don`t have the endurance to keep up with the younger folks I do the best I can (which I feel is pretty good ) My weight is good, coupled with a twice weekly gym work out, twice weekly Yoga and golf on a weekly basis, life is good .There is almost a Spiritual aspect to Yoga, as well as the physical, for me I concentrate on the  physical side while respecting others who view the Spiritual side.
Summing up I feel that anyone looking for an all around program for better health could not do any better than Yoga.”
I know I speak for everyone John, You are our Hero!

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