Kevin Kulhawy Hott Spot Hero 2014

Hot Spot Hero Nov 2014kevin-k

Kevin kulhawy

Kevin started yoga with the Hott Spot in Aug of 2012.. He has logged 327 hours of yoga since then!! He comes consistenley 2-3 times a week and has an amazing practice. Kevin is amazing! During practice Kevin modifies and he honestly honors his body and mind! As an instructor I watch him and my heart swells with joy because I know he is truly finding his bliss at practice!  He is  always pleasant, and positive and is genuinely one of the most sincere people I know.. His concern for others touches my heart in a world were most don’t even make the time to ask about someone.  He always reminds me of the words I use in class and when I am going thru something he seems to know exactly what to say to make me feel better. [Now that’s student teaching teacher]  Just recently he gave me the most amazing testimony that I had to share with everyone.. Kevin had gone to the doctors  and had routine blood work. His blood work came back borderline.  If he continued on that path it was only only going to get worse..He told me last week he had his annual check up and the doctor had asked what he had been doing, All his blood work came back perfect.. He told them I do hot yoga!!  Yes Kevin watches what he eats but a regular hot yoga practice is what he contributes to his well being!! Kevin you are not just my hero I know I speak for The Hott Spot Team and Family You are our Hero.. Wishing you  peace and health and prosperity always!

Lori and The Hott Spot Team


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