Natalie Snyder


Natalie’s Yoga Bio

Natalie first found yoga at Electric Forest Music Festival in 2012 when she stumbled upon a big group practicing yoga. Her curious mind asked if she could join in! Afterwards, she found out that she had found something so beautiful and felt completely within her soul.  Natalie has never felt that feeling before and ever since then, she has been practicing yoga daily for about 3 1/2 years. She has studied Vinyasa and other different yoga styles like Ashtanga in parts of the U.S and in parts of Europe.  She also studies different kinds of meditation (Kirtan and Yoga Nidra), and loves to incorporate meditation practices in her classes. Natalie also practices Reiki therapy and will soon receive her level 2 certification this summer. She believes that we are all ONE with the Earth, the Higher Power, and with all people. Her goal for her classes is more than just the burning calories, she wants every yogi to feel completely within his or her soul. Natalie wants them to feel what it is like to have the ability to tune out your worries, expectations, stresses, and to leave class with a positive mindset. Soon Natalie will be getting her 500 hr. teaching certification with Passion Yoga in Costa Rica with a certification in plant medicine in 2017. Join her for an opening and powerful Vinyasa flow.


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