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Tim Willison Hott Spot Hero December 2016

Join me in celebrating Tim Willison  our Hott  Spot Hero !!  Tim started coming to the Hott spot in march of 2015 and since has logged over 143 hours of  Hott  yoga.     I have watch Tim become stronger, more flexible, more stable, physically, mentally  emotionally and spiritually  I have watched him reach his goals with determination and passion and dedication! Through all of  his visits I  have had the great pleasure learn who he is and where he came from. It an honor to bring you his story. I know he will touch you as he has touch all of us.From a family of  7 children ( I am #4) and raised by the best parents ever.I now reside  in the South Fayette/Bridgeville  area except for a period of 4 years in Colorado Springs in the early 80’s.       During the 90’s I experienced some life changing experiences with a total of 5 back surgeries in which 2 of them involved placing titanium rods in my lower back.  Because of this my active life came to a screeching halt, since all sports including golf was no longer an option.  During this same time frame I also went through a challenging divorce. So as they say “If  it does not kill you it makes you stronger”.  Hmmmmm….     Fast forward two years ago.  While visiting my parents in Florida and my older brother (having gone thru 10+ back surgeries) said  I  was walking like an old man.  He told me I was going with him the next day.  So I attended  my “first hot yoga” – Bikram class in Florida.  I learned the child’s pose very quickly during the first 15 min of class.  However being a determined person I went back the next day.  The heat and stretching seemed to help with the continual back pain.  But I had to head home and thought about going to a class locally.  That’s when I found the Hott Spot Yoga studio and joined.  This studio was a “cool 95 degrees vs. 105 degrees in Florida.  However these local classes made me think that “never in a million years” would I ever get through one class without taking child’s pose let alone skip, hop or jump to the front of the mat!   Well through some,  OK 6 months worth of classes, I was able to do both. What a feeling of accomplishment!     Finally I was still dealing with the aftermath of the divorce & did not realize it.  Then the day after Thanksgiving 2015 I attended a class and as usual Lori worked  us with her normal upbeat workout.  As I lay on the floor exhausted, sucking in air, I listened to the meditation of the day on Forgiveness.  It resonated so much with me that I had to get a copy of it from the book.  I took it home and read it, & read it, & read it well you get the picture.  It made sense (to my dismay – LOL) and I knew what needed to happen but had fought it up to now.  So I took a deep breath, sat down, and wrote a letter to my ex wife and discussed many things. I knew I needed to forgive her but I had to start elsewhere.  To give forgiveness you need to start with asking for forgiveness even when you don’t think you did anything wrong.  Wow!  Pretty heavy stuff.  But I relented and so I asked her for forgiveness.  The most difficult thing I have ever done in my life.  She told me later it was one of the nicest letters she had ever received from me.  It was like a 1,000 lbs weight was lifted off my shoulders and never knew I was carrying this load.  Now we can be civil around each other for my daughters sake.  Out of that difficult divorce I was able to “keep” my daughter (step) and my grandson who is my best friend (see pix).  For that I thank God so much.  So not only has hot yoga helped me manage much of my physical pain it has helped me spiritually to learn to forget about me and to focus on others instead.  Isn’t that the reason we are here anyway right???        

   Thank you Tim for your loyalty, presence and energy . I know I speak for The Entire Hott Spot Family,  You are our Hero!

Much Love,Blessings and Namaste!  





































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