Is it your first visit? Following these simple steps help to assure everyone is comfortable and peaceful before, during and after classes.

*Stay until the end
*Savasana and readings are one of the most beautiful parts of your practice! Staying until the end also ensures not to disturb others in their state of meditation.* If you absolutely have to leave, excuse yourself quietly. (Please make sure the inside and outside doors do not slam on the way out)

*Bring a mat, water and towel.*(you can rent them for $1 each)

*  Please arrive 15 minutes early for class

*Wear breathable comfortable gym like attire.  Please only wear attire you would wear in public. No thongs please.

*Be prepared to go barefoot in the studio.
*Honor the quiet and sanctity of the space.*Turn off cell phones.
*Leave belongings outside of class
*Talk to teacher about any concerns.

*Bring extra towel to wipe up any excess sweat on  mat and surrounding area

*Remember, it’s HOTT…about 90-95 degrees!

Warm Classes …. 80-85 degrees