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Workshop Reviews


“I loved the workshop so much! It was incredible how much Niki helped me. The Hott Spot in general helps me so much both physically and mentally!”

“Niki explained the poses in such an incredible way that it allowed me to understand what I needed to be feeling and where, to ultimately get there. The next day after the workshop I literally got into side crow!”


“It was a beautiful night honoring the Full Moon. I felt so safe and peaceful. Very transformative and healing, Thanks Lindsey!”

“It’s a weird good!”
“This was such a cool event !”


I really liked how I wasn’t worried about anyone judging me during the practice. Not that they really would, but I just felt better about myself! I liked how with the blindfold it took a lot more focus and use of your other senses too!

Reiki Reviews

“This was my first Reiki session and Lindsey made me feel so comfortable!  I was able to relax and take in the experience!  I’m going to work on the recommendations she gave me and can’t wait to see how my energy changes for my next session!  I highly recommend it!!!”

Reiki Love was truly magical!

“Lindsey brought a beautiful vibe to our home! I got to feel the comfort of my own home and she made it feel like a professional in-studio experience. I felt both grounded and like a weight was lifted after my Reiki Love session.”

“I thanked God for Lindsey’s help and also thanked him for sending me to her. It felt great, I felt great! It felt like Lindsey had electrically charged gloves on. I could feel the heat radiating from her hands before she even touched my skin. It felt awesome! When I feel a loved one’s spirit by me I get this tingling from my core of my body, and that tingling radiates from inside on out, and I get the chills. I felt that a few times during my session.”

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