Lori Martucci

Lori Martucci Owner/ Instructor

My yoga journey began when a friend took me to my first hot yoga studio. I was hooked instantly! Thank you Rachael! I left feeling incredible , I was more relaxed than I have ever felt after a work out and yet energized and clear headed. It wasn’t long before I knew that I not only needed to learn as much as I could about this amazing ancient practice, but I also needed to share that knowledge with others the physical and emotional benefits that I have received with a regular yoga practice.lori

Certified through YogaFit’s 200-hour Yoga Alliance-approved Training Program, as well as  YogaFit’s 100 Hour Warriors Program.

I am the grateful and humble owner of this studio and am teaching here at The Hott Spot with a vision for this space  to be a healing sanctuary for everyone that walks thru these doors.  To have the confidence that there is nothing but love and compassion here and to feel free to strip away the outside world and  find their authentic self…so  they can practice with ease physically , mentally and emotionally!! I wish for you to feel like you’ve just come home when you visit us!! I LOVE OUR LIL STUDIO!! My practitioners range from late 70’s to 8 yrs of age.. On the mat I teach an active flowing vinyasa style of hatha yoga that will allow practitioners to stay safe and feel challenged yet successful. I teach from a place of authenticity, passion and love.

Off the mat I am a mom of 2 beautiful children Alana 20 and Adam 16. I am a  professed bride of Christ in the 3rd Order of Franciscans.  I have taken a vow of poverty, chastity and obedience in the spirit!. We are a contemplative order and have a deeper prayer life.   As a daughter of one of the most compassionate, loving, generous , kind and passionate mothers on the planet loving on others comes very natural, I was raised with hugs abounding!(You can count on a hug when you come to the studio!!) Thank you mom for living the most important commandment of all, “Love one another as I have love you!!”   As a daughter of a Sargent in the US Army, physical fitness and dedicated workouts have always been a part of my life as long as I can remember. Thank you Dad for instilling in us at such a young age the importance of being active always and in all ways.. All of my trainings from Partylite to Yoga to my Spiritual and the love and support from the people around me and in my life, have come together so beautifully to bring you a practice that I know as TRUTH! My passions include but are not limited to as I am growing everyday, hiking, biking, zumba, kickboxing, weight training, step, sculpt and boot camp classes, swimming, belly dancing and just plain dancing around the house while cleaning and cooking!! With aspirations to work toward massage, reiki, working with chakra energies and something I’ve always wanted to try karate(Master Garbowsky woo hoo!)

Thank you to The Hott Spot Team and Clients! You are more than our instructors and clients, you are our friends and family and we love you!! Forever my heart and soul. Blessings Always & Namaste!

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