Niki Erdner

Niki Erdner Instructor
Niki’s yoga journey began in 2011, but didn’t gain momentum until the following year, when she was in a dark spot in her life. Yoga gave her a reason to get out of bed and instilled in her a sense of self that she hadn’t realized was there. Our greatest challenges often help produce the most growth, and Niki has found this to be true with her own yoga practice.  She has been attending the Hott Spot since 2013, and is honored to now be giving back to the community that has given her so much. She received her 200 hour teaching certification in Vinyasa and Ashtanga from the Rishikesh Vinyasa Yoga School in India in September 2019. Niki immediately began teaching upon her return, but three weeks in, she suffered from a severe broken collarbone from a hiking accident. This accident has provided her with a unique lesson to slow down, and gently remind her that asana is only a small part of our yoga practice. Niki’s purpose for teaching yoga is to show others the potent healing power that yoga provides inside each and every one of us. Her classes are designed to manifest physical and mental balance, while providing opportunities for challenge and growth for all practitioner’s experience levels. Niki loves discussing and practicing yoga philosophy, meditation, and pranayama (breathwork), and she is particularly interested in the science behind how yoga is such a powerful practice.
When Niki is not practicing yoga on her mat, you can find her somewhere out in nature with her boyfriend- hiking, kayaking, rock-climbing, and of course, practicing arm balancing, which is her personal favorite. Her passion is traveling the world and exploring all aspects of this life.  

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