Wendy Hipsky

Wendy Hipsky Instructor

Wendy found hot yoga 6 years ago when she started to experience running injuries.  

As a distance runner for many years, Wendy has completed Pittsburgh’s full marathon and many other races in the area.  After years of running, Wendy started to feel its effects on her joints, ligaments, IT bands, and every other moving part of her body.  Hot yoga quickly changed all that and turned her pain into renewed passion and longevity.  She can now keep to her 5-mile a day, 6 day a week running regimen as long as she balances it with hot yoga.  Even more than the physical benefits, Wendy has found a deeper peace, resilience, acceptance and meaning in the wonderful blessing she has in her life.

Aside from running and yoga, Wendy is a Registered Dietitian and works full-time for Ovia, a fertility, pregnancy and parenting app company based in Boston.   She has an amazing husband, and she is blessed with 3 wonderful children.  Any free moments she finds, she spends with her family and friends.

“Yoga has truly changed my life and has put me in positions, on and off the mat, that I never thought possible.  Growing my practice physically, mentally and emotionally is a gift I am fortunate to embrace and share every day. Namaste”

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